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"Yael Rizowy was an audience favorite as the pregnant Sam (her facial expressions alone were capable of eliciting strong laughter)"      

-Jacob Horn, Curtain Up

"As Sam, Yael Rizowy not only has an incredible voice, she created a well-rounded character. She was genuine and relatable. Of all the characters, Rizowy is filled with such hope and beauty"

-Michael Block, Theater In The Now

"Ms. Rizowy has an incredible range, which she uses to create not just her own character, but the mom of Liam. It was hysterical when she was in labor and was an all out b***h from hell one minute and then complete sweetness the next.".

-Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

"Yael Rizowy's labor moans had me clenching my legs together in sympathy."   

-Tina Ramnarine, StageBuddy

"Yael Rizowy inhabits pregnant Sam with a precise amalgamation of optimism and delusion."

-Joseph Verlezza, CEOExpress

"Particular nods to Yael Rizowy's zen groundedness and broad smile in the midst of pregnancy and strain."


"Two cast members, India Carney and Yael Rizowy  have gone on to further academic voice programs and their singing was outstanding."     

-Bill Rosen, NYtheaternow

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